Board of Directors

Ido Meridor – Head of the Board

Born in Dimona and now a Beer Sheva resident. Project Manager, spokesman and journalist. Director of “Festival Beshekel” – an organization that promotes culture activities in the periphery of israel. He is a graduate of Eastern Studies and Political Science of Ben Gurion University in the Negev. He learnt plastic art and is a graduate of an exchange student program in Turkey. Ido is now completing his Master’s Degree in the department of Middle East Studies at BGU.

Steward Cohen PH.D. – Treasurer

A retired proffesional engineer. Steward managed and taught at the HydroDynamics lab at the University of Michigan in the US. Among his other activities he helps the Association of Americans and Canadians in Israel and the new immigrants in Beer Sheva.

 סטיוארט כהן

 Joshua Yitzchak Stermer

A resident of Beer Sheva and a memeber of the Board since the establishment of Earth’s Promise. He is a graduate of engineering, industry and management degree from abroad and has a Master’s Degree in Environmental engineering from Ben Gurion University. He deals with projects concerning environmental polls and rehabilitation. Together with his son Negev, he volunteers at the Yaelim Absorption Center Community Garden and at the Rambam synagogue in the city.

 Josh's Picture

Leah Ketznel

Born in the USA but has been living in Beer Sheva since 1972. Leah is a mother of 4 and a grandmother of 2, both living in Beer Sheva. She was among the founder of Earth’s Promise and many other environmental organizations such as Negev Bar Kaima, Green Beer Sheva, Hachevra Lehaganat Hateva and GreenPeace Israel. Today she is active at different city councils concerning environmental issues, healthcare and restorations. She has been volunteering at helping new immigrants for years and a professional librarian at Ben Gurion University. In her spare time she enjoys dancing classes.



 Oscar Lutenberg

Oscar has been on Earth’s Promise Board for more than 5 years. He is an Organic Farmer at Kibbutz Hatzerim, where he specializes in growing Jojoba. In addition to serving on the board, Oscar is involved with consulting at Earth’s Promise, making sure that best practices are being  observed.