Guided Tours

Unique Guided Tours in Beer Sheva

Earth’s Promise works to promote urban agriculture and sustainable, local community development.

The NGO runs a unique model of an urban farm and community gardens in Beer Sheva and the surrounding area.

Working together with the local community, neglected public areas are turned into edible gardens and pleasent areas for the people of the neighborhood.

Earth’s Promise offers a variety of guided tours for different age groups. It is an opportunity to get to know the stories and everyday lives of the people of Gimmel neighborhood. Tours also include an interactive experience learning about our produce and methods of urban agriculture.

***We operate guided tours for a nominal cost***

1) Kalisher Community Garden and The Urban Farm – Guided Tour

Duration: 1 hour.

The Kalisher Community Garden is an agricultural organic garden which was established at 2008 and quickly became a successful model for incorporating immigrants from Ethiopia into Israeli society. In this tour we will learn about the struggles and challenges of moving from Ethiopia to Israel and how the garden meets these difficulties, along with the different types of environmental community activities that take place in the garden.

The Urban Farm is the first of its kind in Israel and brings a unique model for supporting the local economy and the encouragement of productivity. On the guided tour, we will get to know the operating model, walk along the crops and will learn about the advantages of urban agriculture and the development of a local food system.

2) Community Tour of Gimel Neighborhood

Duration: 2 hours.

The Gimel neighborhood was founded in the 1950’s for immigrants of North African descent. In time, the neighborhood grew by size and numbers, absorbing immigrants from different countries and areas of the world. The cultural variety of the citizens offers an interesting and complex human mosiac. The shapes of the houses, the small streets and the commercial centers are a part of the grace that  this neighborhood holds. During the tour we will hear the stories of the people living here, giving a stage to the special voice of Gimel.

*The tour involves the senior citizens, as a part of the Totzeret Gimmel initiative to strengthen the local economy and employment development of the neighborhood.*

3) A combined tour of Gimmel neighborhood and the Urban Farm

Duration: 2.5-3 hours.

The tour combines the Kalisher Community Garden, the Urban Farm and the old and new streets of Gimmel.

*Custom-designed tours are available. Please contact us for more information.*

4) Suggested Dining in the Gimel Neighborhood:

Dining at different small local businesses in the neighborhood that support their work.

Option 1: Coca Bar: a pub with a local micro-brewery

Option 2: Healthy Meal – “Farm to Table” – an organic meal based on vegetables and spreads from the Urban Farm. Experience the joy of a freshly prepared meal by local residents. Most ingredients are grown and prepared within the Gimel neighborhood and supports local economy and residents with a delightful culinary experience.

We are happy to answer any questions or concerns!