Volunteers and Scholars

Earth’s Promise is a home to people from Israel and all over the world who are interested to volunteer their time and efforts to take part in our many and different projects. Earth’s Promise is known at Ben Gurion University and the many colleges around the Negev as a recognized organization for scholarships. 2015-03-16 14.52.12

Volunteers are a significant and intergal part of the organization. Together with the local community Earth’s Promise offers a variety of activities that enrich the residents and volunteers interchangeably.

Click here to read about the experience of different volunteers at Earth’s Promise

We are always happy to work with volunteers and scholars at any time of the year in diverse fields: agricultural work, organizing the Urban Farm’s stand and Farmer’s Markets, leading activities in the public sphere, organizing different community events and a variety of internet related work.

Interested in getting a scholarship for volunteering with us? That’s possible as well. Here are some options:

Dean of Students Scholarship at Ben Gurion University in the Negev

Scholarship at Shamoon College of Engineering

There are other options to get a scholarship: Kaye College, The Start-Up Center, NIF/SHATIL Social Justice Fellowship and many more.

For more information contact our Community Coordinator, Adva 050-2201561

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