Totzeret Gimmel Project

לוגו תוצרת ג

Totzeret Gimmel is local action.


The project is intended to grow food locally, strengthen the local economy in the neighborhood, increase the well-being of the residents, make community use of public spaces and to encourage local productivity based on skills and personal abilities of residents in the neighborhood.

The physical roots of the project reside in the Urban Farm located in Gimel neighborhood, which grows organic vegetables sold through CSA and is home to the urban agriculture activities in the area.

The project promotes a transition from consumerism to productivity – The project requires residents to adopt an active attitude. Neighbors possess the skills and tools required to advance the neighborhood from within, connecting with local strengths and leadership.

So… How do we do it?

Local Productivity: Do you have a delicious recipe for table olives? Using olives we harvested from local trees around the neighborhood we can make table olives together and sell them as a “Totzeret Gimmel” product.

Community Initiatives in the Public Sphere: Earth’s Promise is building a “Green Strip” from Ben Gurion and Hashalom junction all the way to the French Commando Park. Join us and get involved in your neighborhood!

Increasing the Economic – Community Activities: In the works – an “Active Resident” card will grant residents or activists a discount at all the local businesses, organizations and activities in the beighborhood.

Totzeret Gimel is a product of the neighborhood, for the neighborhood – that is why we encourage questions and suggestions!

Through this project people with knowledge of various crafts are welcomed to teach workshops, after school activities and such for everyone in the area, and be able to sell it at the Urban Farm and local Farmer’s Markets. Everyone can come and join the guided tours, packagingand shippment of vegetables to families around the city.

For further reading:

The paper (written in hebrew) of Niv Hetman, a former apprentice at Earth’s Promise: Local Sustainable Economy as a Lever to Revitalize the Neighborhood Sphere as a part of a Human Rights course at the department of Politics and Government, Ben Gurion University.

Local Sustainable Economy website of Shatil and Project Wealth

The New Economic Foundation website. The NEF developed a model for local sustainable economy easily explained in this book published on their website.