Community Food Forest

In February 2013 different volunteers; youth, families, students, immigrants and neighborhood residents gathered from all across the city and beyond to build our urban orchard. The orchard was planned according to the topography of the area while making use of different ecological techniques to catch rainwater for the fruit trees. We planted trees such as oranges, grapefruits, almonds, figs, dates, olives and much more! The orchard was built on neglected public land, for the benefit and well-being of the residents surroudning it.

untitled shoot-113

Now, the orchard is being converted into a Community Food Forest. A food forest is an agricultural system that mimicks the creation of a natural eco-system. By applying the patterns of nature correctly we can rehabilitate the area and create a system that benefits the soil, plants and wildlife, while also creating an agricultural abundance.

The creation of the food forest is in participation and cooperation with the neighborhood residents. The people of Gimel and the city of Beer Sheva are welcome to come and help building the first Community Food Forest in the city!

You can check out the Food Forest Sketch for a clearer view of the project.


For more information contact the head of the Food Forest project and Urban Farm manager Oren at 052-3670260