The Urban Farm

The Urban Farm is the first of its kind in Israel, a model for Urban Agriculture and community-based sustianable development.

The farm was established as an example for Urban Agriculture with the intention of multiplying local abundance and strengthening economic well-being of the people in the neighborhood and the city.

On 2 acres of city land, the farm grows seasonal vegetables, spices and herbs. All of our crops are organic, certified by Agrior (organic certification). The farm is in the spirit of permaculture and bio-intensive methods of planning and growing the abundance of nature while building and maintaining an ecological balance, enriching the soil and welcoming insects, birds, small mammals – and local residents.

The farm was established on neglected public land on the edge of Gimel neighborhood in Beer Sheva, and is now going through a natural process of rebuilding the soil to grow significant amounts of organic crops for the surroudning community.

The farm’s produce is being sold at a farm stand on site, local channels (such as local businesses, bars and restaurants), local farmer’s markets, and special events.

The farm is operated by professional farmers in cooperation with the local community, volunteers and interns. In addition to the agricultural work at the farm, there are after school programs, educational tours and fun – productive activities for kids and families.

The farm was established to promote a local and sustainable model of urban agriculture and to develop a city wide network of local food. As a result of the farm and its activities, a local productive network has taken form, healthy and local food is more accessible, and there is a  growing awareness of environment and sustainability issues in Beer Sheva.


Deliveries to your home: Please make an order on our internet order form that is accessible on our homepage.

The Farm Stand: Every Wednesday between 11AM-4PM: same-day-picked seasonal veggies, spices and herbs and many more products of ‘Totzeret Gimmel’ are avaiable at 42 Ben Gurion Ave. (Look it up on Waze) for more details – 054-3670260