Kalisher Absorption Center Community Garden

Working together with the absoprtion center and the immigrants from Ethiopia,  Earth’s Promise established the Kalisher Community Garden right next to the absorption center. The garden concentrates the agricultural activity within it, growing seasonal vegetables and spices such as tomatoes, lettuce, onion, beans, corn and many local Ethiopian plants.

The garden is a thriving center for the old and new Ethiopian immigrants as well as the residents of the neighborhood and city. The garden helps raise awareness of the ecological and environmental issues, locally and nation-wide while presenting a sustainable alternative. Besides the benefits of the garden as a ‘green lung’ in the heart of the city, providing fresh herbs and veggies for the people, the garden contributes in the absorption of the Allyia and thus enhancing the power of the local community towards taking action and feeling proud of their neighborhood and surroundings.

Come visit the Gojo – a traditional Ethiopian house