Gojo – An Ethiopian Village House

The Building of the Gojo in the Kalisher Community Garden

The Gojo, also knows as Tokol, is built from walls alligned in a circle and a cone shaped roof that sits on the main beam, a shape that enables motion in a straight back all around the space of the house.

The foundations of the Gojo were dug out in a thin line, in the depths of 60-70 CM. Then, inserting the beams in the holes, while strengthening them with rocks and compressed soil. After alliging the beams, we connected the supporting beams for the frame of the Gojo.


יסודות גודג'ו

The Roof:

We attached nine beams to the main beam in the center, creating the base for the roof. ontop of them we put a double spiral that comes down from the main beam, creating a continous surface on which we can put the roofing material.

 שלד גג הגודג'ו

The side walls were covered with mats to give the outer mud coating a strong base layer

הגודג'ו מכוסה במחצלות



The plastering of the walls was made with a traditional combination of sand, clay and straw.

ציפוי הגודג'ו בבוץ     
ציפוי הגודג'ו בבוץ.jpg2ציפוי הגודג'ו בבוץ.jpg3